Release Yourself!

While there may have been many times when we were wronged, there may have been many more times when we spent too long grieving over the hurts instead of moving beyond them. Without forgiveness your life will always be a reflection of the hurt and pain people bring to you…the more you forgive, the more love can grow in your heart, Its ok to feel hurt sometimes, its ok to feel the pains of their actions or inaction, but listen up, you are responsible for how long you choose to let what hurt you hunt you…You are responsible for how long you choose to let what hurt you break you.. Most times, we cannot undo what has already been done, so why handcuff yourself to a memory that brings you so much pain, why hold on to the hurt when you can release yourself from the pain. The one thing you are holding on to could be the one thing that’s holding your life back! its time to release yourself!! Forgiveness is for you not them, Holding a grudge keeps your life in their hands, Holding a grudge gives them control over you. You got to free yourself today. Holding on to things that we are supposed to let go of, just keeps our lives in a season that we are no longer supposed to be in. Forgiveness is your gift to them, Moving on is your gift to yourself….Hate in your heart, prevents you from experiencing God’s love. It time to let go, its time to become you again!

Have a Blessed Week
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