It’s Your Life! Make it Work!

Weather you do good or bad people will always have something negative to say; Matter of fact, the more good you do the more judgmental many will get, expecting you to be perfect as they put you under a magnifying glass, yet neglect to look at their own lives; But you know what? We get to determine whether our labels become our realities, We get to decide whether we choose to believe the odds or believe God.
We have the ability to choose to love ourselves more and decide we will succeed! Don’t focus on what people think! rather strive to be the BEST you can daily! There is a process to everything! Live & learn… You can be genuinely misunderstood or fraudulently accepted, but you can’t be everything to everyone. Not everyone is going to “get you”. Learn to be okay with that. The more in love you fall with yourself the less acceptance you need from others. Often times we get so caught up trying to be so memorable to people that we forget who we are to ourselves, but never forget that you are the star of your own show, a co-star in some other peoples show and an extra in others. You gotta learn to be okay with that if you are going to grow. God can’t direct your show with you creating your own plots. Growth is a part of life and change is inevitable. You will have to answer to God for the life you lived. Make it honest, Make it genuine, Make it compassionate and Make it real. Happy New Month!

Have a Blessed Week
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