You Dont Have to be That!

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Don’t define yourself with something that doesn’t define you. You don’t have to let the experience of your past become the label of your life. You will never get clean walking through mess. You will never become better seeing yourself from the eyes of your past circumstances. It’s not our reality that shapes us, but the meaning we give it that does. You can’t reach new heights, carrying the same old weight. Don’t allow yourself to be labeled by the circumstances of your life, yes I know stuff happened, yes I know your life may not have been perfect, yes I know sometimes you feel too lost to be found, you even starting to feel like there’s no purpose for your life, but know this – You are never too imperfect for God, He can use your brokenness to create a better you.The day I made the decision to walk out of my past, my life changed for better. You got to rip off any lable your past has put on your life, rip off any label your mistakes have put on your life. You don’t have to be that failure that your past mistake say you are, You don’t have to be that insecure person your past relationships created, You don’t have to belive the lables people have placed on your life based on your past experiences and failures. . God had a purpose for your life before anybody had an opinion. They didn’t create your life, so don’t let them take you off your path. Self pity does nothing except make you feel good about feeling sorry for your self. You can’t control the mistakes of your past, but you can control the decisions of your NOW. Don’t give up on God, keep trusting him, He is the only one who can bring true beauty to your life.

Have a blessed week

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Don’t Hold You Down!

Don’t let someone else’s dishonesty ruin your character. Your reputation doesn’t just depend on you, but on the people you call your friends. Everything they do will always reflect in the way you are perceived. You can’t move in the company of people with defective ideals expecting to be branded differently.

You are the company you keep and that company will ultimately determine how far you will go in life…….ever wondered why you have not made significant progress with your life, ever wondered why your life is not moving in the direction of your dreams. A lot of folks are where they are today because the failed to break away from certain kind people, there’s no point holding on to people who aren’t making your life better; there’s no point holding on to people who aren’t moving your life forward….Your circle has the power to make you or break you; you can’t move in the company of people doing nothing with their lives expecting to be different; you can’t move in the company of people sitting down on their dreams and expect to do differently. The people around you can influence your life more than you know….mindsets are contagious…. You will eventually become like the company you keep. Its time to subtract from your life, those people that don’t make you better… You are not “selfish” for deciding to cut some people off; There comes a point when you have to stop being UNFAIR to yourself, Sometimes subtraction is the only way for things to add up.

Have a Blessed Day
I am Ose
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Your Greatest Moment is Now!

Life will never produce results for you on credit; So many people talking about how they want a better life, but wake up every day and do nothing about it. You cannot keep on acting the same way, expecting to get a different life; The greatest thoughts or words will never produce results without action; Actions make dreams come true! You will never catch your dreams by justifying excuses and making them count. Don’t make yourself feel good about doing nothing.

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Everything you are or ever will be is entirely up to you. If you want things to be different in the future, you must make things different in the present; your life is not a dress rehearsal for something else; this is the real thing, the game is on and time is passing. All of your decisions and in-decisions, your actions and in-actions, have added up to create the life you are living at this very minute. It’s time to stop blaming circumstances and people for holding your life back! Stop complaining about the things that you aren’t willing to change, Where you are today is an inside job; It’s time to get out of that victim mindset and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Free yourself from excuses; You are responsible for your own life, So start taking ownership. Change don’t just happen; Success doesn’t happen over night, you have to…

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Step Out!


sad-man-1What would you do if you know you would never fail; What would you do if you where guaranteed success. Too many tailor their lives according to what the majority says is possible, they dare to reach the limits the world around them agree is achievable. I challenge you today, to break out from the norm, break out from the routines, step into your possibilities and be who God has called you to be…Before you can really see a change in your life, you got to start from the inside out: Everything you see on the outside has a root somewhere on the inside, starting from inside means you got to develop yourself, it means you got to stretch yourself, it means you have got to do more: and doing more means you can’t remain in your comfort zone. You have got to come out and face new challenges. Personal development gives you the capacity to attract the right things into your life. The more you develop yourself, the greater your capacity for achieving an all-round success. To really develop yourself, you must develop the quality of your thoughts. Your life will always move in the direction of your prevailing thoughts as such, the quality of your life can never be better than the quality of your thoughts. How successful do you want to become? How wealthy do you want to become? Think possibility not impossibility. Think success not failure; for a man is as he thinks.  As you develop the quality of your thoughts, you will also develop the quality of your life, the quality of your relationships, the quality of your finances….. You have been in the closet far too long, Its time to get a hold of your life, its time to move beyond the limits, its time to breakout, step out and be who you were destined to be. Its not over until you win.

Have a Blessed Week
I am Ose!
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You too can Succeed!

Stop blaming other people for your lack of success. Look in the mirror and take some responsibility for your life. Success starts from within: Your change will starts with you. The thoughts that overcome the mind overcomes the man; Your life will always reflect the colours of your thought, If you want to be successful, start thinking of yourself as successful and begin to work towards it. There’s no need to be envious of others when you have the same 24 hours as everybody else. Don’t hate on the person who chooses to work harder, don’t be jealous of the person who chooses to be more disciplined and don’t be envious of the person who chooses not to waste their opportunities: You got to take advantage of yours! Stop acting like God can’t bless you too. Don’t be mad at them for YOUR life, but be mad at the person who’s responsible…..YOURSELF…… Get better not bitter; Let someone’s success motivate you to WORK HARDER not HATE HARDER. You got to STOP waiting for the right time to seek a better life and make TODAY the day you DECIDE to CHANGE!

Have a Blessed Day
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It’s On You!

The more you entertain others peoples negative opinions about you, the more power you give them to control your life. You might not be in control of what people bring across your way, but you are always in control of what you choose to accept…

Ose Ugbebor

You will always believe you are broken If you keep letting people tell you what needs to be fixed in your life; You will always believe you are not good enough, if you keep letting people’s negative opinions bring you down. A person’s belief or disbelief in you doesn’t determine your ability to succeed……unless you let it! A person’s belief or disbelieve in you doesn’t determine your ability to move forward……..unless you let it! There are people who will always find something wrong with everything you do, right or wrong…. But Don’t let a few raindrops ruin your parade…Its never about what they think, its rather about what you choose to believe! Stop believing you are not good enough when God has made you great enough; People’s negative opinions about you are useless……unless you give them power!! God has planted a seed of greatness in your heart; It’s on you…

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Define Your Worth(2) (Just for Ladies)

Dear Sisters, Let someone want you, instead of acting like you need them all the time; Let someone meet your standard instead of you lowering yours to meet theirs all the time. Every compliment someone gives you shouldn’t make you fall in love; You got to Stop looking so Thirsty. Stop looking so EASY. Stop looking so trashy and find some class about what you do. You don’t need to sleep with success to make you successful. You can open doors without opening your legs. You are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are! Love & accept yourself! You are WORTHY in God! You don’t need a man to confirm that… So you better Stop trying to force that man who isn’t ready to be ‘ready’.. You are only going to leave yourself disappointed … You can’t blame him for leaving you disappointed because you are the one setting unrealistic expectations… Give it to God & realize you are perfect to ONE!!!! Not everyONE, just one! You are not going to find your Prince messing around with a pimp named SlickBack, You are not gonna find your Prince hanging around people who don’t move your life forward. You can never create the relationship you want out of someone who can’t give it to you; Just because it feels good doesn’t mean it is good; Don’t let your “feelings” lead you to a place where you shouldn’t be! One bad decision can ruin a life time full of good choices!


Have a Blessed Week!
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Don’t Loose Yourself!

It’s hard to move forward when someone else controls your steps, It’s hard to be successful working off someone else’s clock, Its hard to live your life, living off someone else’s opinion. If you don’t care what they think, then stop listening to what they say; The more you entertain others peoples negative opinions about you, the more power you give them to control your life. The problem isn’t what they said about you…The problem is you choose to believe the things they said; If other peoples negative opinions about you can convince you to give up on your dreams, then you don’t deserve to have that dream in the first place. If other peoples negative opinions about you can convince you to put your life on hold, then you were never ready to move forward in the first place. You might not be in control of what people bring across your way, but you are always in control of what you choose to accept…Don’t lose yourself trying to win other people over; Don’t put your life on hold just because they feel the time isn’t right for you to move ahead; Don’t let living for “them” cost you “you”. Your dreams are just as important as their expectations. Don’t let your happiness depend on the approval of others. No matter how much you change for the better, there will always be people who will only see you for who you used to be, they will overlook everything you are doing right just to try to find out what you are doing wrong. You got to forget them and focus. If I listened to opinions, I would never be where I am today. I learned to stop taking advice from people who knew nothing about my life. Opinions don’t matter, it’s what you choose to believe that does.

Have a Blessed Day
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Eight Things Successful People Do!

Ose Ugbebor

(1) Successful people do more with less – It’s not what you have that will determine your success or failure in life but what you do with what you have!

(2) Successful people are courageous- It is always better to pursue something great that frightens you; rather than spend your time pursuing something small that puts you at ease. Courage is an important ingredient of success!

(3) Successful people are disciplined – Your ability to discipline yourself to do what you should, when you should, whether you feel like it or not, is one of the keys to becoming a person of excellence and living a life of uncommon success.

(4) Successful people are committed – life will only release success and greatness to you in the field you apply commitment to the truth that governs it

(5) Successful people know that success is impossible without goals; they set goals…

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No Going Back!

Sometimes we can’t control getting hurt, that, I can understand, but Rehearsing the same pain is a choice; Driving down the same road that led you no where is a choice; Living that very same lifestyle that brought you no good is a choice; Passing through the same fire expecting not to get burnt this time around is a choice; Giving your trust back to the same person who abused it, is a choice. You got to stop pressing rewind on the things that needs to be deleted from your life. You got to stop getting upset with God for not closing a door you choose to keep open. You can’t get your life together by staying involved with the very same things that’s tearing it apart. Why complain about a situation that you aren’t willing to change. You got to say to yourself no more walking back to where you walked away from. You can’t spend your whole life in “revolving doors”, leaving just to come back to the same reason(s) you left for. You should refuse to waste your life going back to the same mess, revisiting the same problems and reliving the same hurts. Its time to break this cycle of pain; It’s time to let go of that hurt and release that pain; It’s time to let go of the things that are stripping your heart of its happiness. It’s time to practice that smile daily. You can’t HEAL by going back to the hurt; You can’t receive your future by holding on to your past. You got to break free and stay free! Its not over until you win!

Have a blessed week

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