Release Yourself!

While there may have been many times when we were wronged, there may have been many more times when we spent too long grieving over the hurts instead of moving beyond them. Without forgiveness your life will always be a reflection of the hurt and pain people bring to you…the more you forgive, the more love can grow in your heart, Its ok to feel hurt sometimes, its ok to feel the pains of their actions or inaction, but listen up, you are responsible for how long you choose to let what hurt you hunt you…You are responsible for how long you choose to let what hurt you break you.. Most times, we cannot undo what has already been done, so why handcuff yourself to a memory that brings you so much pain, why hold on to the hurt when you can release yourself from the pain. The one thing you are holding on to could be the one thing that’s holding your life back! its time to release yourself!! Forgiveness is for you not them, Holding a grudge keeps your life in their hands, Holding a grudge gives them control over you. You got to free yourself today. Holding on to things that we are supposed to let go of, just keeps our lives in a season that we are no longer supposed to be in. Forgiveness is your gift to them, Moving on is your gift to yourself….Hate in your heart, prevents you from experiencing God’s love. It time to let go, its time to become you again!

Have a Blessed Week
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Don’t Defeat Yourself!

There are many uncertainties in life, but you are not one. So stop allowing what happened to you control what’s left of you; Stop allowing what happened in you past control your future. Nothing can hold you back without your permission; Your past can either prepare you for a better tomorrow or convince you one doesn’t exist; You are not your past unless you choose to be. Don’t let the things of your past have power over your life. The pains, hurts and disappointment of your past becomes powerless once you decide to let go, Holding on to things that we are supposed to let go of, just keeps our lives in a season that we are no longer supposed to be in. The one thing you are holding on to could be that one thing that’s holding you back! Its time to let go of the pains, let go of the hurts, let go of the disappointments. Sometimes it takes losing your “everything” just to show you it was NOTHING you needed. Don’t let what you are going through take your life. There is so much more to you than what’s trying to break you. Bad chapters can still create a story that ends well. Being a good person doesn’t always mean you don’t do wrong, Being a good person doesn’t mean you are perfect. It means you strive each day to do right even in the face of wrong. . .You can live a victorious life once you stop defeating yourself; You can live a successful life once you let go of your past; Having a negative outlook on life won’t get you positive results. You can’t stay stuck on a “chapter” trying to get everybody on the same page. That’s how you will never finish the story. Its not over until you win!

Have a Blessed Week!
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“You Can Win This Fight”

When life beats you up and knocks you down; you can either throw in the towel and give up on your dreams or you can wipe the sweat off your face, stay in the ring and keep fighting until victory comes! I know sometimes it feels as though the challenges of life keeps pushing you down, I know sometimes it feels as though the road you are treading seems so up the hill and all your efforts keeps leading you no where, I know sometimes it feels as though your life is like a race of pointless laps where quitting seems fitting for your situation. In-spite of however you may feel, I want you to know that “you can win this fight” An obstacle is just an opportunity to show your strength! Everybody has a struggle, don’t let yours hold you down; Every struggle you overcome will always shape you into a better person; You will never get stronger if all you ever do is quit every time it gets harder!. You can never be successful if all you ever do is run away from your challenges! Life doesn’t always get easier…. we just get stronger!! Never lose faith, Even your worst days are preparing you for your best days! Don’t give up, hold on! Stay Strong! Its not over until you win. The choice to be great will always be yours!

Have a Blessed Day

If You Would Just Stop!

(1) Stop expecting a different result from doing the same old things that got you into the same situation; If your actions has not changed then nothing else will change; Its time to do different!

(2) Stop saying “I don’t want this life” when you keep living the same life you say you don’t want; A decision gives you the ability to change your life, but without action the decision means nothing!

(3) Stop giving the “impossible” an undeserved credit; Impossibility exist only in the mind; Don’t be defeated by your thoughts when your ability can conquer the situation!

(4) Stop using “Nobody is perfect” as an excuse to keep doing the same things you know you need to change; The outcome of your life will always be a product of your own doing. Be Wise!

(5) Stop sacrificing your future on the alter of your past; Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but everyone can take a decision to start a new today and create a new tomorrow; It’s up to you!

(6) Stop letting the fear of failing keep you from succeeding; It is Impossible to catch your dreams if you keep running away from your fears; No reward comes without a risk, No success comes without a try and No victory comes without a fight! Be Bold!

(7) Stop living a life full of indecision; Success doesn’t live “on the fence” Life will only release success and greatness to you in the field you apply commitment to the truth that governs it

(8) Stop saying “No” to your dreams just because the opportunity isn’t dressed up like you thought it would! Everyday is a race and the only person that can stop you from reaching your “finish lines” in life is YOU! Don’t stop yourself!

(9) Stop trying to run your own plays, you have a great coach in God; He’s got the perfect playbook; Follow Him!

(10) Stop living like eternal life is just a myth; You’re living for something bigger than this earth; Be wise!

~ Be Inspired! ~