You Dont Have to be That!

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Don’t define yourself with something that doesn’t define you. You don’t have to let the experience of your past become the label of your life. You will never get clean walking through mess. You will never become better seeing yourself from the eyes of your past circumstances. It’s not our reality that shapes us, but the meaning we give it that does. You can’t reach new heights, carrying the same old weight. Don’t allow yourself to be labeled by the circumstances of your life, yes I know stuff happened, yes I know your life may not have been perfect, yes I know sometimes you feel too lost to be found, you even starting to feel like there’s no purpose for your life, but know this – You are never too imperfect for God, He can use your brokenness to create a better you.The day I made the decision to walk out of my past, my life changed for better. You got to rip off any lable your past has put on your life, rip off any label your mistakes have put on your life. You don’t have to be that failure that your past mistake say you are, You don’t have to be that insecure person your past relationships created, You don’t have to belive the lables people have placed on your life based on your past experiences and failures. . God had a purpose for your life before anybody had an opinion. They didn’t create your life, so don’t let them take you off your path. Self pity does nothing except make you feel good about feeling sorry for your self. You can’t control the mistakes of your past, but you can control the decisions of your NOW. Don’t give up on God, keep trusting him, He is the only one who can bring true beauty to your life.

Have a blessed week

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