When Failure Means Success!

Sometimes your biggest disappointments will birth your greatest blessings! A setback is not the end but a pit-stop to repair;
Failure is meant to change your approach, not break your spirit, failure is meant to motivate you, not make you quit. Been defeated doesn’t make you a failure, staying defeated does. It might be easy to stay defeated, but moving forward is the first step to achieving great success. You don’t have to let your scars scare you from having a future…. A survivor is not a Person who’s life has been struggle free but a person who has been freed from that struggle. Life is too short to be intentionally unhappy, So stop grieving over what could have been and start taking hold of what is….Everything that happens to us in life is a trial, a test we should see as an opportunity to grow, as something pushing us to find strength we did not know we had. The bigger the test, the more we are pushed to grow. You got to stop believing you are a victim and start seeing yourself as a work in progress; Its time to exercise your strength. Stop complaining about the darkness, light a candle; Stop complaining about your failures, move beyond them. Don’t let your past failures keep you in bondage. Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional. Life is designed to test your staying power, so don’t let your failures get the best of you, we may not always get it right at first, but we should never stop trying.

Have a Blessed Week ahead

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  1. Your motivational/inspirational messages are virtually the same. Nothing different. You Just change the vocabulary a little. Don’t get me wrong, they are nice. But getting boring since its the same thing. Maybe u should just diversify a little. Something different.


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