No Going Back!

Sometimes we can’t control getting hurt, that, I can understand, but Rehearsing the same pain is a choice; Driving down the same road that led you no where is a choice; Living that very same lifestyle that brought you no good is a choice; Passing through the same fire expecting not to get burnt this time around is a choice; Giving your trust back to the same person who abused it, is a choice. You got to stop pressing rewind on the things that needs to be deleted from your life. You got to stop getting upset with God for not closing a door you choose to keep open. You can’t get your life together by staying involved with the very same things that’s tearing it apart. Why complain about a situation that you aren’t willing to change. You got to say to yourself no more walking back to where you walked away from. You can’t spend your whole life in “revolving doors”, leaving just to come back to the same reason(s) you left for. You should refuse to waste your life going back to the same mess, revisiting the same problems and reliving the same hurts. Its time to break this cycle of pain; It’s time to let go of that hurt and release that pain; It’s time to let go of the things that are stripping your heart of its happiness. It’s time to practice that smile daily. You can’t HEAL by going back to the hurt; You can’t receive your future by holding on to your past. You got to break free and stay free! Its not over until you win!

Have a blessed week

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  1. Thakhani

     /  March 3, 2014

    Indeed we shuld nt go let bygones be the bygones the pains in the past we should not repeat them..


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