Define Your Worth! (Just for Ladies)

Dear Single Ladies, You are beautiful just the way you are! You don’t need a beautiful makeup to make you worthy…You don’t need a fancy hairstyle to give you significance…You don’t need a lovely outfit to give you relevance….You don’t need the approval of a man to recognize your worth! True beauty shines from within! Focus on being beautiful on the inside as much as many do on the outside!! Being beautiful on the inside speaks of your character and conduct; You can’t put up makeup on your heart but you can make your character better! If you want to be adored then you got to make yourself adorable, if you want to be respected, then you got to make yourself respectable. Its time to discover all the beautiful things that make you unique….and own them unapologetically. When you stop being that woman that desperately needs a man and focus on creating a better you, then you will become the woman a man needs. Opening your legs for that man who only spends time with you after midnight is NOT going to make him love you! Love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does. Stop doing the same thing expecting a different result! You are WORTH the wait!!!! Anything worth having is worth waiting for and you are definitely worth waiting for. So stop trying to pick yourself apart to fit what you think this guy or that guy wants. Let God put you together for where He needs you to go. Its time to Act like a lady! Think like a lady! Demand respect like a boss…Don’t lower yourself for a little attention…Temporary satisfactions will eventually leave you empty…Don’t let your temporary loneliness cause you permanent unhappiness…. Nothing is worth losing your worth;

Have a Blessed Day!

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