Rise Above!!

Never let people plant their Impossibilities in your life! Don’t give their opinions power to steal your vision: Just because it didn’t happen for them, doesn’t mean it can’t happen for you; Just because it didn’t work out for them, doesn’t mean it won’t work out for you. Their limitations has nothing to do with you, their impossibilites has nothing to do with you, what they could not do has nothing to do with what you can do; Don’t let their failures kill your dreams, Don’t let their fears kill your faith, Don’t let their disappointments cause you to say nothing, do nothing, or be nothing; Believe in God not people, trust God not opinions, depend on God not yourself! The higher you go in life, the harder people will try to pull you down: they want you to do good as long as you don’t do better than them, so they support you until they view you as a competition, but don’t let this kind of people hold you back; You don’t need their permission to be great! Some people aren’t in your life to help you reach the top, but to keep you from getting there. You have all it takes to be all that God wants you to be; Don’t let their small minds kill your big dreams! Rise above their discouragement, Rise above their opinions: Keep doing it big! Keep winning! The best of you is let to come!

Have a Blessed week!

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