Look Up, Not Down!

Dear You,
Do not let your perception trick you into believing you are limited by your natural or social status; Your true identity is not defined by your social status; Who “you are” is more than you think; who “you are” is not based off your material acquisitions or social status. You may not live in big houses, drive porch cars, wear expensive jewels, yet you are still special! Just because you dress different, just because you look different, just because you are different, doesn’t make you less important, it makes you special. Stop thinking there’s something wrong with you; Stop competing with everyone else around you; Stop trying to get your worth from a brand name; Stop seeking fame from the things that don’t matter; Being outstanding means you STAND OUT, the people who are “lost” in life are those same people who tried to fit in their whole life; Been unique is a gift, wanting to be like others is a waist of that gift. Why follow the crowd when you can lead the crowd? Why struggle to fit in when you can be outstanding? Dreams don’t come true by doing what everybody else is doing. You need to Be You! Confidence isn’t about showing off what you got, it is rather been secure in what you lack; Your flaws were created for your greatness. It time to stop looking down on yourself and start looking up to your purpose, Its time to stop looking down on yourself and start looking up to your dreams; Don’t expect less than you deserve from yourself or anyone else; Trust God! Believe in Yourself! The Best of You is yet to come!

Have a Blessed Week!


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