You Can Still Have a Great Story!

They may have said you are not good enough; so what! They may have said you are too broken to be fixed; so what!! They may have said your life is a disaster going somewhere to happen, so what!!! People who don’t know your story will always criticize your past chapters, but it’s not about what they think of you, it’s rather about what you choose to BELIEVE of yourself. If you believe you are no good then you are no good, if you believe your life is no use then it is no use. You can sit down there and believe in what peoples opinion have labelled you and allow your life to be defined by the mistakes of your past or you can decide to move your life forward and become better! You may have done all they said you did, but you are definitely not who they say you are; Never trust in what peoples opinion label you; Never trust in what your past says you can’t be. A “bad chapter” doesn’t mean you can’t have a great story! It is not about how strong you start but how well you finish. You may have started broken, you may have started shattered, you may have started with lots of mistakes some of which the very thoughts of them makes your heart bleed, others you ain’t even proud to talk about; but here’s the thing, You must never let the mistakes of the past keep you from becoming better. Regardless of how bad your past may have been, your future can still be better. Do not let who you used to be, make you walk away from who you can become; You may not yet be that “perfect” person you always desired to be but you still need to fall in love with the journey of becoming better. Don’t let your past mistakes keep you in bondage; Don’t let your past mistakes keep you from having a great story; Regardless of how worthless you think your life may be, GOD can still use you; You can never be too broken for Him to fix. He creates “perfect purposes” out of “imperfect pasts”. Give it all to Him. Your life might not be perfect, but your life is sure worth it. Have a blessed Day


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