Now is the Time!

Now is the time to make that change you always desired; Now is the time to put that great potential of yours to work; Now is the time to impact the world around you for good; Now is the time to leave your foot prints on the sands of time; Now is that very time to do and be all that you have been empowered to be. There’s is no better day to be great than today, there is no better time to leave your mark than now; Most times in life, our biggest regrets are usually not for the things we did…but, for the things we know we could have done but failed to do; the love we know we could have shown to others but failed to show, the smiles we know we could have left on the faces of the ones that crossed our path, but didn’t make it happen. Don’t let your lack of action cause you to live in regrets. Its time to make your life count. You got to stop letting fear hold you back, its time to step out in boldness and be the solution the world needs; Don’t let tomorrow hold you back, tomorrow is not always guaranteed! You got to make today count; Why wait to act tomorrow when you have today; You don’t have until tomorrow to become that person you have always wanted to be; Your Greatest Moment is Now! Your best time is Now! Take advantage of today. The world can actually be a better place because of you.

Have a Blessed Day!

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