“I Am Not Perfect”

“I am not perfect” yes! It is true, but still no excuse to keep living wrong; “I am not perfect” yes! It is true! but still no excuse to keep doing the same things you know you need to change; How long are you going to keep doing the wrong things and expect to get the right results; How long are you gonna keep living your life like you just don’t care and expect to become all that you ever thought you would be; it doesn’t matter how hard you try, You will never get the right results by doing the wrong things! It doesn’t matter how hard you try, your life will never be better if you don’t do better; The same people who do the same wrong things usually have the same problems and then wonder why they have the same complaints; Its time to make your life work, its time to move away from the wrongs and embrace the right, its time to treat your life like a championship game. Don’t get better at excusing your wrongs rather decide today to make a turn around and live right; When you put your all into living right today, your tomorrow will be as better than your today. You can live better, you can do better, you can be better; Let go of whatever it is that’s holding you down; Move forward without looking back. Another day in self-pity is not an option

Happy New Month!

~ Be Inspired! ~

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  1. Clem Ogheneruona

     /  March 18, 2013

    A good attempt and I enjoyed reading it, I have a few criticism hope u don’t mind and correct me if am “wrong” please. First I would suggest the tittle should have been (w)righting the wrongs, secondly the issue of right and wrong is subjective in different context so it will be good to include some tips about getting the wrongs right and living optimaly. Thirdly, I was hoping to have a long read but it just stopped where I was getting more interested, I believe some real life examples will just add value.
    A good job keep it up.


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