Keep Moving Forward!

Life is not about being perfect, rather it’s about trying to be better today, than your were yesterday; Everybody has a struggle, don’t let yours hold you down; Everybody has faced disappointments, don’t get defeated by yours; Everybody has made some mistakes, don’t let yours keep you in bondage; Its time to free yourself from what’s holding you down; Its time to free yourself from yesterdays mistakes and disappointments; its not always about what happens to you, but how you handle it matters more; You will never live your life to the fullest, if you keep allowing yesterdays mistakes control today’s possibilities; Mistakes are a given–repeats of those mistakes are a choice; Life is just like a reversible jacket…mistakes and failures on one side success and possibilities on the other…You have the choice to wear which ever side you want; Your life might not be perfect, but your life is definitely worth it; Your life might not be perfect but that doesn’t mean that your life has no purpose! Its time to start been you; Its time to let go of yesterdays mistakes and failures, You are great, you just got to believe it. Keep moving forward and let nothing hold you back.

~ Be Inspired! ~

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