It Doesn’t Make You Special!

Dear Friends, It doesn’t make you special that you hang out in the club every weekend, like it’s something that adds value to your life; It doesn’t make you special that you brag about getting “wasted” with alcohol, like it’s an accomplishment; It doesn’t even make you special that you sleep with a number of different people like that’s a way to make your life count. What that makes you is pretty much BASIC. You are living for something bigger than this earth so stop living like nothing else matters! To get what only a few have, You need to stop doing what everybody else does and start doing the things that only a few are willing to do. You are living for eternity, as such how you live your life here matters more than you could ever imagine. Doing what others won’t do will get you what others can’t have. Its time to go find the standards you have lost. There is a purpose for your life and its time to go find it. Whatever you plan on doing today, know this; You may never have a second chance at life; If you only live once, why waste the life you live; Its time to make a commitment to change, its time to make a commitment to do better, its time to live your life with purpose; The best day to change is today and the best time to change is NOW! Regrets comes from not doing the things you knew could have brought you change. Your life can be better!

Be Blessed!

~Ose Ugbebor

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  1. bibi

     /  February 12, 2013

    Hello Ose!i wuz jst goin tru ur app n i want 2 say its really inspiring.i luv d piece on it doesn’t make u special.i tink its wow.1 thin i luv abt it is dat it not jst inspires pple it also tells Dem abt God.tanks 4 being a blessing 2 pple. I pray God bless u more in return.

  2. tshepang

     /  March 20, 2013

    Ur words are inspiration to me, they put fuel to the fire (desire) in me to do better with my life


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