The Real Reason for the Season

Dear You,
Don’t be afraid to seek a relationship with Christ. He is the real reason for this season; Don’t let your imperfections keep you from His perfection. You haven’t been mistake free and your tomorrows won’t be mistake free, but understand this…if perfection was required to have a relationship with Jesus Christ then we would all be lost. It doesn’t matter how bad your past has been, it doesn’t matter how broken your life has been, it doesn’t matter how many shattered dreams you have, all He says to you… is to come just as you are; He specializes in repairs; He can fix that broken heart, He can fix that broken dream, He can fix that broken relationship. He wants your mess, He wants your struggles, He wants your disappointments, He wants your frustrations, He wants your tears, He wants your sins, Give it all to Him. He has a plan for your life and your steps have been ordered…..all you have to do is follow the path that has been paved for your life! Go catch your dreams by following God!

Merry Christmas My Dear Friends, Don’t forget that Christ is the Reason for the Season.

Stay Blessed!

~Ose Ugbebor

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