A Word of Encouragement!

Sometimes we go through very tough situations in life and feel like packing our bags and giving up; you have probably done all you know to do but seems like the situation looks no different and in some cases it looks like the situation even became worse after you tried to make it better. You may even be at the point where you tired of trying and feel like the one option left for you is quitting. Well, i want to encourage you today with these words “Don’t Give Up” You were never the type of person to grab the towel and throw it in! You were never the type of person to just go through the motions and give up on your life; you were never the person who allowed failure get the best of you! It only ends when you quit trying, Champions never stop fighting until victory!! You must push through your pain, you must push through your disappointments, you must push through your discouragement and setbacks; Don’t let the situation get the best of you. A champion is just a contender who believed, a success is just a failure who didn’t quit, Point is, if you keep trying and keep letting faith move your feet…there’s nothing you can’t be and there’s no situation you can’t change. Sometimes God will take you to places you don’t understand just to bring you to the place where He wants you to be, Trust Him! Don’t give up on yourself, its not over until you win! Tough times never last but tough people do.

Be Blessed!

~Ose Ugbebor

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  1. Amen to that word


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