Dear Single Guy!

(1) Dear Single Guy, Stop trying to talk your way into respect and start earning it through your actions; A relationship is a privilege not a chore

(2) Dear Single Guy, Never let your broken heart seek revenge by breaking another heart. Let God heal your hurt and let Him “even the score”

(3) Dear Single Guy, Sleeping with a plethora of women doesn’t make you a man. It actually shows you are still a boy who’s lacking in self control! #HardButTrue!

(4) Dear Single Guy, when you understand that there is more to a woman than just her physical appearance, It is then you finally understand a woman’s worth and value.

(5) Dear Single Guy, you may not be tall, you may not be dark, you may not be handsome, you may not have all the money in the world, but you will always be perfect for the one heart that’s meant to love you

(6) Dear Single Guy, If your relationship was built on sex then don’t be surprised if it doesn’t last. True Love is built on God not sex!

(7) Dear Single Guy, If you have a drama filled relationship then blame yourself because you are sure playing a major role in the situation!

(8) Dear Single Guy, Winning an argument is not worth losing a relationship #BeWise!

(9) Dear Single Guy, stop overlooking the one your heart needs for the one your eyes are attracted to.

(10) Dear Single Guy, Stop giving power to a simple misunderstanding; Small things should never turn into big issues! Control your temper!

(11) Dear Single Guy, A beautiful face can hide an ugly heart. Don’t trust “looks” to tell you what’s right for you!



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