Stand Up and Keep Moving!

No reward comes without a risk, No success comes without a try, No victory comes without a fight: Never let the fear of failing keep you from succeeding; it is Impossible to catch your dreams if you keep running away from your fears. Fail because you’re not good enough, never fail because you failed to try. Failure is a price we pay to achieve success; Stop being so scared to “fall down”, At the end of every struggle rest your reward. Getting to your dream might be uncomfortable, but living your dream is worth the struggle. If you desire an outcome you have never had, you must be prepared and willing to do something you have never done. Everything you are or ever will be is entirely up to you. If you want things to be different in the future, you will have to make things different in the present. Don’t let your future be filled with regrets, rather let it be filled with milestones you have reached; So throw off the bowl-lines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Keep moving forward and let nothing hold you back.

#Be inspired!

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  1. Girish

     /  October 31, 2012

    Very Good!


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